If you are wondering or are thinking to buy power bank , let us tell you- a power bank is extremely convenient during the absence of a power outlet. Power banks recharge your device and stop it from running out of charge. But for a power bank to act as your power backup, it needs charging too. You can charge your power bank quickly with a computer or a wall socket.

Whether you buy power bank online in India or get one from abroad, power banks generally last for about 2.5 to 3 years. And of course, this doesn’t imply strictly that power banks can never go beyond three years. So, how exactly does a power bank battery function? The battery cells are responsible for the working of the battery. And, this is one of the main factors that determine the working years of the power bank. The charge & discharge cycle of a battery cell varies. Some may have a cycle of 1000 times, some 500, and so on. Every time a full charging and discharging happens, this impacts the battery cell. Extending a Power Bank’s working life

· Avoid draining the power bank power to zero. According to experts, the time to recharge your power bank is when it’s around 50-60 % full. Doing this impacts lesser damage on the battery cell.

· Don’t play fast and loose temperature with power banks. Like laptops, power banks don’t do too well in drastic temperature fluctuations. Avoid keeping it out in the cold for many hours then suddenly slipping it inside a warm blanket. As this could disable some functions of the power bank.

· Keep it away from water. Most power banks are not waterproof. Do not spill water on it, else; it will flood the battery. Sometimes, it may continue to work, but it internally damages the battery up to an extent.

· Finally, the same thumb of rule applies to the power bank like any other electronic gadget. Maintain it! The better you maintain, the longer it will last.