Different music beats explained

Love listening to music? Have a personal playlist that you enjoy adding to? Well, here is an interesting listicle on different genres of music, how their beats differ and how the audio experience for each is significantly different from each other


You could treat this as a sort of a buying guide when looking at options to buy headphones online India. Starting with:-

1, Pop Music

Pop, as it captures the imagination of a wide audience is all about energy and enjoyment. Pop basically yells ‘fun!’ The music is fast-paced with controlled mids and highs. While as a genre, it’s not very demanding of the equipment used to hear it, the headphones shouldn’t sound harsh and be easily accessible and usable.

Pebble Elite, for instance, is one affordable Bluetooth headphone if you have a lot of pop in your playlist.

2. Rock

Rock hits hard! The music has hard-hitting drums, pitch-changing strings, an electrifying bass and distortion. The sound is complex and lively. The headphones you choose therefore must be dynamic to deliver that deep-bass surround sound. Try out Pebble Zest Pro that promises an immersive sound for a great audio experience.

3. Folk

Folk music is ‘music of the people’- traditional music sung by ordinary people who might not necessarily have had formal training. It uses instruments like guitar, traditional drums, locally made instruments and acoustics. Together this creates detailed and lively audio. Your headphones should be able to amplify the melodious and soulful singing, characteristic of this genre. With all this basic knowledge about different music genres, you can pick the headphones most suitable for your taste in music. Compare prices for headphones online India and purchase the best that you can get in your budget.