Invest in these 3 appliances/ electronics for a smooth ‘solo’ life

Starting a new job could mean moving out for some. You might be shifting homes or travelling to an all-new city. It could be an assignment overseas, or a student-exchange program. Not living in the comfort of your home means that you have to be responsible and take care of yourself while balancing your work and personal life. Here we compile a list of 3 ‘must-haves’ to make your lives easier. Here we go:

1. An Induction plate

Be it a flat or PG, it’s always a good idea to make your own meals and not rely on anyone else each time. Even if you have an excellent tiffin service, get your basics in place and have an induction plate with a few utensils adapted for induction cooktop. You don’t always have to rely on external help for a quick meal.

2. Iron

Look crisp and presentable. At all times. Learn how to iron your clothes, especially formals. Keep one iron at your place- even if you have signed up for external service. Important meetings, formal events or functions- could come up all of a sudden and you want to be ready for whatever life throws at you. These days, in fact, you also get battery-operated, portable steam irons that are travel-friendly. So invest in one and never worry about looking shabby.

3. Bluetooth Speakers

This is for the times when you unwind- be it chilling with friends or enjoying your solitude. A Bluetooth speaker will always be your friend and partner in good times. These days, in fact, users are spoilt for choice. A simple google search for Bluetooth speakers online India ‘’ throws up a range of options. There is a good bluetooth speaker for everyone, depending on what exactly you plan on doing with it.

1. You can go for a small speaker that can also be used at work. Plug it into your conference calls for better quality audio.

2. You could look for something more powerful- in case you want a deep bass sound for a house party or picnic with friends. Pebble Storm, for instance, is a powerful bluetooth speaker with 10W sound that you can take along anywhere and everywhere.

3. If you are a movie buff, hooked to Netflix or other such platforms, you should definitely look for speakers with TWS connectivity. The technology allows you to connect two speakers and double the power, offering stereo surround sound and immersive experience.

When looking for a Bluetooth speaker online shopping is the most recommended option. In fact, for most appliances, now you have websites comparing specs and offering good deals so you can make an economical purchase.