Technology has made our life easier and faster. Smartphones, tablets, cameras and other gadgets have a very important place in everyone’s life. In order to keep your gadgets charged all the time, power banks are an extremely useful thing, as it is not always possible to get wall outlets everywhere you go.

Being a booming industry, more and more manufacturers are trying their hands in it. There are many types of power banks manufactured, and now, you have to make a smart choice as it is a matter of the safety of your favourite gadgets.

These are available in different capacities, sizes, shapes and colours in the market. Making a choice from the wide range of power banks can be a little difficult for the buyers. There are a few essential things you must keep in mind while buying one of your devices:

1. Capacity of the battery is the most important thing to be kept in mind when you are in the market for purchasing a power bank. Its capacity must be more than the capacity of your device that is if the device’s capacity is 1500 mAh then it must be of 3000 mAh or more, then only it would be more effective.

2. Output efficiency is the next thing not to be forgotten. Some power from the power bank is lost by the voltage conversions, circuit heat and charging cable while charging your device. If the power loss is 30% to 40%, then it is absolutely normal for good quality product. You must not go for a power bank which loses more power than this.

3.Portability: Well, you won't like carrying a brick in your pocket or backpack. So, you must keep the portability & design in your mind while purchasing a power bank. Any power bank can easily satisfy your power needs but choose the one which can be carried easily whenever you want to. Not only the weight but the size of the power bank must be kept in mind while considering the portability.

4. You should always choose a good quality power bank from a reputed brand like Pebble for excellent performance and to keep your device safe. A high-quality power bank is fast and accurate in power transfer. Never buy low-quality products as these can damage your devices.

5. There are two main types of battery technologies used in the power banks - Lithium-ion and Lithium polymer. Lithium-ion batteries are lower in costs but bulky in size and weight. Lithium polymer batteries are powerful and last longer. They are very lightweight, flexible in size and shape and there are very fewer chances of electrolyte leakage. They are safe for your smart gadgets.

6. It’s good to have a power bank with multiple connectivity options so that you can charge more than one device at one time. Sometimes it is also available with built-in USB charging cables which are easier to carry along with it.

7. You must go for a power bank with a clear LED indicator light which can clearly show its charging status and battery level.

8. Prior to buying a power bank, it is essential to check its ampere count. Amperage is the current supplied from the charger to the device being charged. The power source must be able to supply the power required by the device or more than that. It should not supply less current than required as it can slow down the process or damage your device.

9.Safety & Protection: Safety is a major thing when it comes to your mobile and other mobile devices. Many people have a habit of charging their smartphones at night while sleeping, which could potentially lead to problems. Low-quality power banks with low-quality circuitry & cells fitted inside can explode due to over current & overcharging. This could damage not just your device, but also can lead to serious consequences.

Thus, a branded power bank reduces the chances of an explosion and also keeps your devices safe. Many power banks also come with built-in protection against short circuits, overcharging protection and over-heat protection. They might cost extra, but we think that’s worth investing.

10. Cables are another important thing to remember while buying a power bank. It determines the time a power bank takes while being charged and protects the device from overheating or other damages.

So, you must have got some essential guidelines which can be extremely helpful for you in order to grab the best power bank for your gadgets. You should never buy cheap power banks of low quality as it may damage your expensive devices.