It’s February and the mist of Love is in the air. Valentine’s week is coming up- your special chance to create wonderful memories with your special someone and express your love to them. Start planning beforehand!

Are you thinking of a surprise gift that conveys your thoughts and emotions, without sounding like a cheesy monologue from a Bollywood Rom Com? Well here’s a thoughtful and romantic gift that is pragmatic and sentimental at the same time: how about curating a special playlist of all the lovely romantic songs you cherish? Songs that have a sentimental value to them, songs that you two have danced to or songs with lyrics that convey how you feel without you having to pen romantic sweet-nothings.

p> Along with your playlist, don’t forget to gift your Valentine, powerful HD headphones so they can listen to what is going on in your heart and mind, with crystal clear sound. A simple search for headphones online India throws up multiple options. You can choose between a plethora of features, sizes and models that fits well within your budget.

For instance, Pebble Zest Pro is one option. This wireless bluetooth headset comes in 2 sleek colours and gives approximately 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted play time. Moreover, the soft ear cushions, stay over your ears comfortably for long hours.

If you are looking for sleeker options, try gifting your girlfriend or boyfriend Pebble Urbane. The soft silicone neckband is well suited for jogs or intense workouts and the magnetic earbuds conveniently stick to each other when not in use.

When they want to buy headphones online indians are really spoilt for choice with numerous web portals helping compare features and prices.