The New Pebble

Pebble was co-founded by a Father-Daughter Duo in the year 2013. It was the time when smartphone market was evolving amongst the millennial and the need for a power bank, that did not burn a hole in the pocket was felt. To bridge this lacuna, Pebble was formed with a small range of cost-effective power banks with a clear vision to provide technologically advanced high-quality products at a reasonable price.

In the time lapse of 6 years Pebble grew from 1 category to 8, from 5 product to 100+, from a team of 6 people including the co-founders to 60 now; and from a small office to a 5-story state-of-the-art Pebble Corporate Tower. As pebble kept growing, a new identity became more and more inevitable that could interpret the determination and forward-thinking vision of the brand and hard work of the employees and at the same time could show the aspiration and free-spirited mindset of the millennial.

The new identity of Pebble accommodates all of that. The deep blue denotes maturity, reliability and chicness whereas green denotes confidence. The confidence of brand on the quality they provide (that it wouldn’t be a Pebble product if it doesn’t make life effortless) and the confidence the customers has on the brand. It also denotes vibrancy, dynamism and positive energy the brand offers, that is reflected in today's millennial as well. The infinity of “P” of the Logo denotes continuity and the ON WITH IT attitude. It speaks what the brand stands for, that nothing should stop you from achieving what you want! The new sleek typography denotes a smooth and effortless life which is also what Pebble ensures through each of its product. The brand-new Pebble denotes the Global outlook the brand has; it clearly speaks what it intends to – “You will never feel out of place no matter which part of the world you are.”

The new brand identity of Pebble denotes our aspiration and determination not just as brand but as humans in general. We want to be a part of you. It states our vision completely of providing State-of-art technology to make life effortless for all, and be a catalyst of growth to all dreams and aspirations. We want people to know, we are a truly global company and we make latest technology available to everyone.