Pebble Dazzle

Hear It. See It. Live It

₹ 3,990.00 ₹ 2,399.00

Pebble Dazzle

Your very own light & sound show

The Pebble Sync promises you the freedom to play music anytime, anywhere. The Bluetooth 4.0 is smart, but what's even smarter is the secondary options to connect, like USB, AUX and MicroSD. All of this, while never compromising with the sound quality. Pebble Sync is truly one of its kind.

Can you hear it? YEAH!

The Pebble Dazzle comes with unmatched sound quality. The crystal-clear sound is complimented with enhanced bass, which gives you the vibes of a club-anywhere you are.

More supportive than your family

We aim at giving you maximum functionalities, which is why Pebble Dazzle comes with multiple support. The Aux Support allows you to insert headphones or 3.5mm Aux cable, to extend the music to other gadgets. USB support allows you to play music directly from a pen drive or system, in case you are not feeling blue enough for Bluetooth. MicroSD support allows you to insert MicroSD card filled with endless songs of MP3 format. In short, we give you more than one ways to keep the night musical.

Broad Compatibility & Longer Battery Life

Bluetooth allows an instantly connection with all Bluetooth-enable devices up to 33 ft. You also can enjoy music with a supplied audio cable, Micro SD card & USB Drive. Also you dont need to worry about enjoying music while party at home, Enjoy 6 continually hours of seamless music thanks to rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

  • Speaker Driver

  • Bluetooth version4

  • Bluetooth Range

  • Max Output

  • Battery Capacity1500 mAh

  • Power Input

  • Impedance

  • Frequency Range

  • Playing Options

  • Controls

  • Microphone

  • FM Frequency

  • SNR

  • THD

  • Water resistance