Pebble BassX Extreme

Get the #BeastModeOn

₹ 3,499.00

Pebble BassX Extreme

Bring music to life

Get things going with BASS. A Bass radiator works with the internal speaker to enhance low-end response giving bass a boost despite its compact size.

Intense Bass

Exclusive BassX technology and a spiral bass port boost low-end frequencies to make the beats hit even harder.

Get Your Music Wet

Pebble BassX Extreme was designed to live. To see the world. To get wet, muddy, covered in snow and beat up — but always to be awesome.

6 Hours of Happiness

Be there all day, all night. From picnics in the park to binge-watching your favorite shows, Pebble BassX Extreme gives you 6 hours of non-stop musical ecstasy. 6 hours of brilliant, immersive sound.


  • Speaker Driver

  • Bluetooth version4.2

  • Bluetooth Range

  • Max Output

  • Battery Capacity2200 mAh

  • Power Input

  • Impedance

  • Frequency Range

  • Playing Options

  • Controls

  • Microphone

  • FM Frequency

  • SNR

  • THD

  • Water resistance