Pebble Kardio Activity Tracker

More stats than steps

₹ 1,999.00

Pebble Kardio Activity Tracker

More stats than steps

Peb-o-fit uses an OLED display so you can see more at a glance. Simply lift your wrist* to view time and tap the button for steps and calories burn

Calculates the spring in your step

The improved pedometer algorithm in Peb-o-fit filters out unnecessary movements. This measures steps taken and exercise more accurately.

Sitting still for too long?

Idle alerts send a gentle buzz when you have been sitting still for too long. These reminders tell you when it's time for a short walk or water break.

Incoming call and message alerts

Send notification alerts straight to the wrist so you don't miss another call, message, or notification - especially when your phone is tucked away in a bag or pocket.

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  • InputDC 5.0V

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