Pebble 2600 mAh Powerbank

savior when no power source is in sight

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Pebble 2600 mAh Powerbank

In the fast-paced world today, no one has the time to halt and charge their phone. Yet, our smartphones are one of the pillars upon which our daily lives stand. What is the middle ground? Well, a power bank is sure to come handy in times like these. But what we need is something that is small, portable and efficient enough to do the job. In short, you need the Pebble PPC26AUC Power Bank.

Design that impresses

In this age, "bulky" is synonymous to "undesirable". We want something that is portable and compact, and Pebble PPC26AUC fits the bill perfectly. With the sleek design that can fit anywhere and lightweight body that feels like it isn't there at all, Pebble PPC26AUC is one hell of a companion.

Small packet, big punch

Don't let the sleek design fool you. The Pebble PPC26AUC is built to be the savior when no power source is in sight, and it does that beautifully. It is enough to charge your phone once, which is more than what you could expect from an emergency power backup.

10 way circuit protection ensures safe and reliable charging experience

Pebble PPC26AUC comes equipped with High Grade A+ batteries & 10 Way circuit protection that avoid any loss of power and protects your device from over charging, short circuit, over heating . Just buy it once, and relax for a long, long time.

  • Capacity

  • Output Type

  • OutputDC5V,1A

  • Output 1

  • Output 2

  • Input Type

  • InputDC5V,0.8A

  • Inbuilt Cable

  • No of USB ports1